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Our mission is Care of the

Madagascar dragon tree or Dracaena marginata.

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The Madagascar Dragon Tree or Dracaena Marginata or is one of houseplants belonging to the Dracaena Group. The common name comes from it’s native origin from Madagascar and the cousin Dracaena Draco ( the Dragon) well known for its tendency to ooze red blood.

This beautiful Madagascar dragon tree starts out as a thick tuft of spiky narrow red leaves banding along the edges with darker green central parts.

The Dragon Tree cleans the air and is especially adapt at filtering out xylene and trichloroethylene.

The Dracaena marginata or The madagascar Dragon Tree comes in four main varieties and cultivars:

1Dracaena marginata

The original Dragon tree.The leaves have a narrow red purple like banding along the edges, with the central parts being a darker green.

2Dracaena marginata 'tricolor'

Tricolor is the same as the original Marginata except it has three colours in its leaves. A band of yellow separates the light green from the edged red stripes, producing an overall greenish-gold effect.

dracaena-marginata-colorama-800x535 Dracaena Marginata 'colorama'

This is the most modern cultivar, with the same growth pattern as the original (although perhaps a little slower) with the difference between the two being seen once more in the leaves. It mirrors the tricolor with the three colours except the red bands on the outside edges are much more prominent, creating an overall reddish or pinkish look

tarzanDracaena marginata 'tarzan'

Unlike the previous three, this easily stands out as quite different. While the leaves are the same colour as the basic Dracaena Marginata they are quite bit tougher and wider, laid out by the plant in an almost spiky ball shape at the very top of each cane. New leaves emerge pointing upwards, as they grow and are gradually replaced by newer leaves they start pointing sideways, before finishing off by pointing downwards. These downward facing leaves then yellow up and drop off, in this way the canes get longer and longer.

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